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 Connecting Military with Merchants & Civilians Who Care

    SouthernNevada Vets is a web resource centric to Las Vegas and surrounding area military vets and active duty service personnel. Below are a few ways we assist with the area's service community:
  • Uniting our veterans with the enterprising community
  • Providing affordable military sponsored services to our public
  • Broadcasting up to date news information on veteran / current service personnel related subjects

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 Military Radio

* Veteran Matters *

Based out of Las Vegas, a source of veteran information for those who wore the cloth of our nation and every American who believe in them.

* Unity America Radio *

An Internet Radio/ TV show to raise awareness of all military/civilian concerns, & an ex-marine's views on variety of important subjects from PTSD to Vegas military & social topics.

* VFW Talk Radio *

VFW's premiere talk radio show, The National Defense, is the only nationally syndicated talk radio show that focuses exclusively on topics concerning today's active-duty military, veterans and those who support them.

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Alessi Law Office

-Sep 27 2016- Last Nights Presidential Debate
Trump and Clinton faced off at the first presidential debate Monday evening ...
SOURCE: [ Politico ]
-Sep 27 2016- President of Philippines Wants Closer Ties With Russia & China
Political ploy from populist leader the latest in series of remarks causing concern in US ...
SOURCE: [ Malaysia Sun ]
-Sep 27 2016- US & South Korea Join Forces Against the North
The two countries are conducting anti-submarine warfare drills ...
SOURCE: [ National Interest ]
-Sep 27 2016- Air Force Colonel in Rape Case Commits Suicide
An Air Force colonel facing life in prison for rape at an October court-martial apparently took his own life Sunday ...
SOURCE: [ Forces TV ]
-Sep 27 2016- Baghdad Suicide Bombings Kill 17
ISIS has claimed responsibility for two of the explosions. More than 50 people were injured in the attacks. ...

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Local Vets News

-Sep 21 2016- Veterans Village Will Soon be Able to Help More Homeless Vets
Plans to add 1000 more units in next 2 years are in the making ...
SOURCE: [ News3Lv ]
-Sep 14 2016- Bill Clinton in North Las Vegas Today
President Bill Clinton will attend a campaign event Wednesday in Las Vegas At the College of Southern Nevada ...
-Sep 6 2016- Nevada National Guard Members Honor Carson City IHOP Shooting Victims
Nevada National Guard members here and in Kuwait are marking the fifth anniversary of the shooting that killed four people in Carson City ...
SOURCE: [ News3iv ]

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