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 Connecting Military with Merchants & Civilians Who Care

    SouthernNevada Vets is a web resource centric to Las Vegas and surrounding area military vets and active duty service personnel. Below are a few ways we assist with the area's service community:
  • Uniting our veterans with the enterprising community
  • Providing affordable military sponsored services to our public
  • Broadcasting up to date news information on veteran / current service personnel related subjects

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 Military Radio

* Veteran Matters *

Based out of Las Vegas, a source of veteran information for those who wore the cloth of our nation and every American who believe in them.

* Unity America Radio *

An Internet Radio/ TV show to raise awareness of all military/civilian concerns, & an ex-marine's views on variety of important subjects from PTSD to Vegas military & social topics.

* VFW Talk Radio *

VFW's premiere talk radio show, The National Defense, is the only nationally syndicated talk radio show that focuses exclusively on topics concerning today's active-duty military, veterans and those who support them.

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DC Carson Realtor-Vegas One Realty

-Mar 23 2017- Secret Service Requests 60 million More To Protect Trumps
The frequent travel and lifestyle of the first family is blowing up Secret Service’s budget ...
SOURCE: [ Salon ]
-Mar 23 2017- US Getting More Deeply Involved in Syria
U.S. helicopters go behind enemy lines in Raqqa fight ...
-Mar 23 2017- Will Air Force Retire F-15c Eagles
The USAF is now seriously considering axing the F-15C/D fleet entirely ...
SOURCE: [ The Drive ]
-Mar 23 2017- Drug Busts in the Arabian Sea
2 drug busts in 5 days ...
SOURCE: [ Marine Link ]
-Mar 23 2017- Problems With Hiring at VA
A new piece of legislation could solve some, but not all, of VA’s recruiting and hiring challenges ...
SOURCE: [ Federal News Radio ]

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Local Vets News

-Mar 16 2017- Three Bills for Nevada Veterans Signed Into Law
Gov. Sandoval has signed three bills benefiting Nevada military families and veterans groups ...
-Feb 23 2017- Local Army Vet Awarded Free Home
The mortgage free home was donated by US Bank and Freedom Alliance ...
-Feb 6 2017- Federal Trial to Begin in 2014 Bundy/BlLM Standoff Case
The federal conspiracy trials against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his followers is beginning today ...
SOURCE: [ Newsmax ]

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