About Southern Nevada Vets

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our "forgotten heroes", our veterans, as well as active duty military members and their families here in Southern Nevada. By providing a vast network of FREE INFORMATION such as well known organizations, agencies that provide health benefits such as V.A, state and local grants and programs for apprenticeships and jobs, we are hoping to bridge the gap that sadly does exist between veterans and their needs being met. Also, by networking Service Members with up to the minute Military, Government, and Political news and partnering with local sponsored business to provide the best professional services available (At a discounted rate)' we hope to give back to the very brave men and women that put themselves on the line for all of our sake.

Building a community partnership can be challenging. Turf and boundary issues may exist between companies, or groups may have competing demands for other worthy projects in the community. Look around in your community to see if partnerships already exist. Consider whether you should join with them or build something new. If you're interested in developing a strong and beneficial presence in your community, this network will help you get started.