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 Connecting Military with Merchants & Civilians Who Care

    SouthernNevada Vets is a web resource centric to Las Vegas and surrounding area military vets and active duty service personnel. Below are a few ways we assist with the area's service community:
  • Uniting our veterans with the enterprising community
  • Providing affordable military sponsored services to our public
  • Broadcasting up to date news information on veteran / current service personnel related subjects

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 Military Radio

* Unity America Radio *

An Internet Radio/ TV show to raise awareness of all military/civilian concerns, & an ex-marine's views on variety of important subjects from PTSD to Vegas military & social topics.

* Veteran Chronicles *

Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America's greatest heroes in their own words.

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Alessi Law Office

-Dec 14 2018- Green Beret Charged with Murdering Afghan Man
Soldier admitted murder in CIA job interview ...
SOURCE: [ Business Insider ]
-Dec 14 2018- Racism Nepotism Under Former VA Appeals Head
Laura Eskenazi tried to have contract awarded to company husband works for ...
SOURCE: [ Disabled Veterans ]
-Dec 13 2018- Hawaii Air National Guard Plane Crashes in Hawaii
Civilian pilot participating in a military exercise hospitalized ...
SOURCE: [ Kansas City Star ]
-Dec 13 2018- Peter O'Rourke Out at VA After Collecting Pay and Doing Little Work
VA secretary forces departure of Trump loyalist O'Rourke for 'getting paid to sit on his couch' ...
SOURCE: [ AlterNet ]
-Dec 12 2018- Trump Says troops Could Finish Building Border Wall
Bipartisan support to block the idea ...
SOURCE: [ Newsmax ]

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Local Vets News

-Dec 7 2018- Civilian Vehicle Breaches Main Gate at Nellis Air Force Base
Drove right on to base without stopping at sentry post ...
SOURCE: [ Task and Purpose ]
-Oct 12 2018- Upcoming Resource Fair for Veterans in Henderson
Will take place November 7th ...
SOURCE: [ Nevada Dept. Veterans Services ]
-Oct 1 2018- Today Marks One Year Anniversary of Las Vegas Shooting
Survivors reunite for memorial ceremonies ...

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