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    SouthernNevada Vets is a web resource centric to Las Vegas and surrounding area military vets and active duty service personnel. Below are a few ways we assist with the area's service community:
  • Uniting our veterans with the enterprising community
  • Providing affordable military sponsored services to our public
  • Broadcasting up to date news information on veteran / current service personnel related subjects

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 Military Radio

* Unity America Radio *

An Internet Radio/ TV show to raise awareness of all military/civilian concerns, & an ex-marine's views on variety of important subjects from PTSD to Vegas military & social topics.

* VFW Talk Radio *

VFW's premiere talk radio show, The National Defense, is the only nationally syndicated talk radio show that focuses exclusively on topics concerning today's active-duty military, veterans and those who support them.

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Shenandoah Southwest

-Aug 22 2017- Some Remains Discovered Aboard USS McCain
Remains of some of the 10 sailors missing have been found in compartments on the ship ...
-Aug 22 2017- Trumps Vague Plan for Afghanistan
Trump avoids specifics in Afghan strategy speech ...
SOURCE: [ Common Dreams ]
-Aug 22 2017- Pentagon Hopes to Spend 500 Million on Guantanamo Prison
$250 million, for a five-bed hospital; a $124 million Army barracks; and a $100 million skeletal structure to support a tent city ...
SOURCE: [ Anti War ]
-Aug 22 2017- Search for Five Missing in Hawaii Copter Crash Ends
Army and Coast Guard officials say they are ending the search and rescue operation ...
-Aug 22 2017- Bergdahl Opts for Trial by Judge No Jury
A single judge will decide the fate of Bowe Bergdahl ...
SOURCE: [ The Hill ]

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Local Vets News

-Aug 9 2017- Gov Sandovol Statement on Transgender Ban
Sandoval has directed the Nevada National Guard to make no changes to the policy allowing transgender members ...
-Jul 28 2017- Secretary of AirForce Heather Wilson Commends Nellis/Creech
Secretary of the U.S. Air Force Heather Wilson visited both Nellis & Creech Air Bases last week , citing "Not only is it (Nellis & Creech) where we test new things, but it’s where Airmen have a chance to come together and practice the high-end fight" ...
SOURCE: [ Aerotek News ]
-Jul 28 2017- Weather Affects Operation Red Flag 2017
Thunderstorms forced cancellation of Red Flag missions on Tuesday and Wednesday ...
SOURCE: [ News3LV ]

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